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  Freelance Hairstylist, Bridal Hair, Make-up & Beauty



Hair Services
  Ladies Cut & Finish £54.00
Restyle £60.00
   Blow Dry from £32.00
  Styling/Curling from £45.00 
   **Men Clipper Cut & Scissor £16.50
  **Men Cut & Finish £32.00
    *Children under 5 £12.00
 *Girls 6-12 Wet Cut £15.00 including Blow Dry £21.50
 *Girls 13-16 Wet Cut £25.00 including Blow Dry £30.00
**Men`s Cuts may only be booked with another service i.e Ladies Cut & Finish
*Children's haircuts may only be booked with an accompanying adult service
   Event & Special Occasion
   Prom Hair Trial £45.00  Prom Hair on the day from £50.00
   Special Occasion Blow Dry from £35.00
   Special Occasion/Hair-Up (without blow dry) from £55.00
   Special Occasion/Hair-Up (with blow dry) from £85.00

Hair must be clean and dry on arrival for the trial  
 Colour &Technical
   Regrowth Tint From £43.00
   Full Head Tint from £52.00
   Colour Fresh Semi-Permanent from £40.00
    Colour Touch Demi-Permanent from £45.00
   Parting Highlights / Lowlights £42.00
   T-Section Highlights / Lowlights £55.00
   Half Head Highlights / Lowlights from £75.00
   3/4 Head Highlights/ Lowlights £85.00 
   Full Head Highlights / Lowlights Short from £80.00
   Full Head Highlights / Lowlights Medium from £85.00
   Full Head Highlights / Lowlights Long from £90.00
Toner with Colour Service £15.00
Toner without Colour Service £25.00
   Full Head Bleach £83.00
   Bleach Regrowth  £68.00
   Colour Correction  POA *
   Perms from Short £75.50 Meduim £85.00 Long £95.00
*Colouring/Technical services do not include a professional blow dry or cut*  
  *A patch test and colour consultation is required 48 hours prior to any colour appointments.*  
*All prices are subject to change without prior notice*  

Cut/ Colour/ Style

Hair Styling/Cutting/Colour

Event & Special Occasion

Royal Ascot/Birthdays/Parties/Poms/

Weddings/Anniversaries/Corporate Events

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bride/Groom/Bridesmaids//Mother of the Bride/Groom/Wedding Guests