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Dashing Diva French Manicure  
Beautiful even smile lines, no more smudged or chipped white smile lines. These nail wraps will give your naturel nails a flawless long lasting French manicure that helps protect the free edge of the nail.
Dashing Diva & Shellac Manicure £36.00
file & shape, cuticle work, french wrap, Shellac™ application & cuticle oil
Dashing Diva Manicure £25.00
file & shape, cuticle work, french wrap & cuticle oil
After Care Advice    
Nails are jewels not tools
Use a good cuticle cream/oil daily
Use a non-acetone polish remover
Do not use a  metal file 
Do not pick or tear the wraps
Remove by using nail polish remover containing acetone
Ensure a good diet-a supply of iron and vitamin A are all necessary for good nail health
 Wear protective gloves when doing gardening, housework and washing up, as detergents will dry the skin