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  Freelance Hairstylist, Bridal Hair, Make-up & Beauty


  OPI Manicures and Pedicures
OPI Avoplex Spa Manicure £33.00
 file & shape, soak, cuticle work, scrub, hand cream, massage,colour application & cuticle oil
OPI Avoplex Manicure £26.00
file & shape, soak, cuticle work, colour application, hand cream & cuticle oil
Mini Manicure £20.00 
  file & shape, cuticle work & colour application
Hydrates, nourishes and conditions skin with retorative avocado
OPI Luxury Pedicure £38.00
soak, file & shape, soften, cuticle work, scrub, mask, massage, colour application & cuticle oil
OPI Essential Pedicure £31.00
 soak, file & shape, soften, cuticle work, massage, colour application & cuticle oil
 Mini Pedicure  £20.00
 file & shape, cuticle work & colour application
Cleanses, Renews, Restores Professional pampering products developed to transform ordinary pedicures into an extraordinary spa experience. Paradise for feet  
Diamantes to fingers & toes 10p each  
Minimum call out treatment fee £20.00 
  Please remove all gels and enhancements which have been applied by other nail technicians prior to booking an appointment
After Care Advice
Nails are jewels not tools
Use a good cuticle cream/oil daily
Use a non-acetone polish remover
Do not use a metal file
Ensure a good diet- a supply of iron and vitamin A are all necessary for good nail health
 Wear protective gloves when doing gardening, housework and washing up, as detergents will dry the skin
 If your skin is sore, infected, inflamed or swollen then you will not be able to have any of the above services; 
Scabies*Athletes Foot*Ringworm*impetigo*
*Clients with diabetes, circulatory problems, arthritis, inflammation and ingrown toenails should obtain approval from their GP prior to having a pedicure service*